Is an erection going away right when you reached climax, with Viagra or is it going to sustain afterward?
An erection with Viagra is going to disappear as soon as you have finished a sexual intercourse. When you are taken a necessary amount if Viagra, 50 mg pill or simple 100 mg pill, the flow of blood will cause you an erection and you will be able to observe how essay it is to maintain an erection even when you did not have it for quite some time.
If your erection stays for over 4 hours please go to the doctor and tell him about your particular problems. It can be a side-effect of yours.

How much Viagra is it better for me to take regarding the fact that I am over 60 and I had some impotence issues earlier?
If you have certain heart conditions then it is better for you to consult your doctor and therefore he will say whether or not you can take a normal amount if Viagra or simply take 100 mg. Some people who are taking a lot of fatty food with Viagra and mixing it with alcohol have serious side-effects such as stomach ulcer and other pains in different part of your body. Try never mix Viagra with other food and stop smoking before you will take Viagra and couple of hours after that. This way you will make sure that your erection stays firm and you will not have to worry about demanding your health in any way.

I want to take Viagra before a brunch with my wife in order to have sex an hour after that is it possible to do that?
It is not advisable to take this drug with food but in case you are not going to eat a lot then you may mix Viagra with food. Please never eat junk with Viagra and try to avoid drinking wine and other alcoholic beverages. It will be better for you to check your total health in order to stay healthy during in taking of Viagra.

I do not understand how Viagra works, is it just a placebo related drug or it has a real effect on my body?
When you are taking Viagra pills in your system you will manage to get an erection because of the following reasons: you nervous system directs your blood flow to your male genitalia and as a result, you can easily maintain your erection during whole sexual intercourse for good. DO not think that it is very difficult to get rid of ED because Viagra is a great drug that helped people from all over the world.

I read the article earlier that there are certain conditions having which people can not take Viagra in their system. Can you tell me whether or not I can take Viagra and forget about erectile dysfunction right not?
There are actually certain heart conditions and other issues that can make you stay away from Viagra or to take it in the minimized dosages. The most important condition is various heart problems that you have. If you recently undergo surgery or you had a stroke then you better stay away from Viagra and that is why we want you to get a check-up in order to make sure that Viagra is not going o damage your health in any possible way. By the way, for men who have serious vision disorders or ulcer, it will be better to go to the doctor and tell him about your ambition to take Viagra right now. Remember that your health is extremely important therefore in order for Viagra not to damage your health it is essential not to take big amount of drug in case you are not supposed to.

When am I supposed to expect an erection after I took Viagra?
Usually, an erection occurs after 30 minutes or couple of hours tops. If an erection is not happening then try to take Viagra one more time. Some men try any kind of drug at least 7 or 8 times before changing to the other one. It may happen that Viagra will not work right away but do not give up on it.