How to Limit the Intake of Food “Garbage” Into the Body and Prevent ED!

How to limit the intake of food “garbage” into the body and prevent ED!A bunch of “garbage” calories may cause serious damage to your health, provoking the development of a number of diseases, including Erectile Dysfunction (ED), diabetes, atherosclerosis and heart problems. We offer several effective ways to curb your appetite that will strengthen your health and perhaps save your intimate life.

Stock Up With Chewing Gum

According to the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietology, chewing gum is an effective way to combat excessive appetite. The constantly repeated open and close of your jaws activates the centers of the brain responsible for a feeling of satiety, and you begin to feel full. By chewing gum we are basically deceiving the brain and causing the illusion of satiety.

In addition, the pleasant taste of the chewing gum provokes a profuse secretion of serotonin – the so-called “pleasure hormone.” And in fact, low levels of serotonin in many ways makes us overeat with harmful food.

Carry a Toothbrush and a Tube of Toothpaste

How to limit the intake of food “garbage” into the body and prevent ED!Keep a toothbrush and a tube of toothpaste in your desk drawer (when moving around a lot on the job, carry them with you), and as soon as you have a keen desire to eat a triple burger with a cola – just brush your teeth. The smell of mint is an effective mean of suppressing appetite.

In a study it was demonstrated that people who inhale the smell of mint during the day eat 3,000 calories a week less than usual. Thus, the mint flavor of toothpaste may suppress the desire to fill the stomach with garbage foods. But do not abuse brushing your teeth and damage your tooth enamel. Alternatively, mint water or a mouth freshener may be used.

Flirt With a Colleague at Work

Coming to work, we are immersed in the abyss of stress and experience. In such an atmosphere, the stress hormone cortisol begins to be intensively produced, requiring adequate compensation from the brain in the form of positive emotions. The fastest way to reduce the level of cortisol is to eat sweet and fatty foods. A much more healthy way to level the effects of cortisol is to recharge positive emotions.

The best option is an easy flirtation with a cute work colleague. Even a non-binding conversation will be for you the way that will easily reduce the stress load without using unhealthy food. Just do not treat the girl as an object of lust.

Play Tetris

You can’t get away from obsessive thoughts about food? Download Tetris: this simple game will help to overcome the craving for fast food. As shown by a study by scientists from the University of Plymouth (England), just five minutes of Tetris play reduces the feeling of hunger by 70%, diverting the attention of the brain from the desire to fill the stomach with all sorts of with stethoscope writing on clipboard

Scientists explain the effectiveness of this tactic by our brain’s inability to play and dream about food at the same time. Not getting the appropriate mental feeding, the feeling of hunger is dulled. This method can be resorted to several dozen times a day. In addition to distracting you from obsessive thoughts about food, Tetris can be used even in the fight against smoking and alcohol abuse.